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Amorous Nail Academy

Established in 2007, Amorous Nail Academy was the first beauty and nail services assessment school. I firmly and confidently believe that any striving, hard working, passionate, and determined person can be highly successful with rich rewards in return. Amorous training academy offer straight forward essential knowledge of media industry dynamics, integrated with industry tricks of the trade.

The Amorous Nail Academy provides two days of intensive and extensive training and education, specifying for the qualified and pre-qualified ambitious nail artiste.

Day one and Two of education and training will be spent in a professional and educational workspace. The concluding day of the Amorous training academy will position each student, on to a professional photographic shoot.

The success of Amorous Academy has joined partnership with both a reputable London college and seeking new ambitious students. Amorous Academy creates vacancies for any person pre-qualified, alongside those currently experienced in the industry, seeking alternative nail artiste and beauty therapist employment and experiences.

To nurture and help develop one’s skill, creativity and ambition, in becoming a successful and professional nail artiste within the media industry, Amorous Academy educates the following curriculum, advising the criteria to sustain longevity and success in the nail and beauty media industry;

The foundations of training and education needed, for any amateur pursuing the nail industry for the first time. No previous experience is particularly required within this industry, however a positive, ambitious, passionate attitude, combined with dedication are key and vital personal attributes strongly sought. Freehand nail art design, colour styling to fit accordingly, integrating all fashion trends the dynamics, formalities and training for editorial pieces, advertising campaigns, music videos, photographic shoots.

The dynamics, knowledge and criteria required for assisting and working with photographers, booking agents, Art directors and magazine editors.The dynamics, knowledge and criteria required for assisting various experts in the media industry

Observing and recognising crucial health and safety, Hygiene practises, and legislations within the workplace thorough Client consultation, client contraindications and aftercare.

Building a working industry portfolio building a working Tool and product kit, to enable and maximise professional artistic work to the highest, pristine and professional standards and results. Appropriate job pricing for future freelance employment, will equip a nail artiste to cover any costs of tools, materials and labour, therefore simultaneously earning a appropriate profit.

Students are requested to bring a small kit of basic tools and products, easing active learning and practise of fresh techniques and designs learned.

The nails, beauty and cosmetic industry has evolved through generation to generation alternating and expanding its trends, creativity and magic, it continues to do this in 21st century modern day. It is my passion and job to put to use all that I can to, help celebrate and recreate these trends with my creativity and expertise. The rewards and employment opportunities and experiences on offer following completion of training are endless and will continue to remain achievable to the focused and dedicated.

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